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About Jane

Animation, Animals, and Anthropology

Those three words are at the core of my work.

Before becoming an animator, I got my bachelor’s and master’s degree in cultural anthropology (the scientific study of humanity, especially the cultural aspect) and specialized in human-animal relationships. Although I decided that I preferred telling my own stories visually, my anthropological background will always be visible in my art. The way it has changed my worldview influences my storytelling. It taught me to question the normal, see connections everywhere, and look at issues from multiple points of view. These skills generate endless new ideas and give my stories more depth.

Although I consider myself a 2D animator, I love experimenting with various animation and illustration techniques. Examples are AR, VR, 3D, stop motion, motion comics, etching, lino, etc. I like to challenge myself and broaden my horizon, always curious to try new things and explore new ways of telling stories.

My goal is to combine my love for animation, animals, and anthropology into art that makes people laugh first. I usually do this by telling stories about animals through the eyes of humans, and then let them think critically about their perceptions of the world around them.

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